Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how we can help you get more editorial coverage for your brand while only paying for the results via our cost-per-click press releases.

How much does it cost?

You only pay for successful clicks with our recommended CPC being $1.50 (with a minimum of $1). Publishers are set a 'Minimum Allocated Budget' of between $2,500 to $10,000 which is the maximum amount they can make from the campaign if they deliver out all of the clicks within the timeframe. There are no subscriptions or sign-up fees to use the Linkby platform you only pay for the clicks that are created as part of your campaign. If a publisher only delivers 100 clicks at a CPC of $1.50 then you only pay $150.

Do I get to approve the content?

Linkby operates much like a traditional organic PR placement. As the article goes live you're notified of the story link. If there are any factual changes then simply contact your Linkby representative and ask them to pass these on to the publisher. This could be a spelling mistake or incorrect use of a brand name which publishers will usually fix up asap. Control over the tone of voice of the article and editorial angle however sits with the publisher and we don't recommend asking for any changes that aren't factual errors.

What happens to the story once the campaign has finished? 

Once the campaign period has completed the publisher has the right to take the story down. However we currently find that most publishers keep the stories up on an ongoing basis.

How do I pay and when am I charged?

Once your campaign is running we charge your credit card on file when you hit a $500 threshold or weekly whichever comes first

Can I choose which publishers write up my story? 

Yes you have total control over which publishers you select to receive your pitch. You create a simple brand briefing form in the format of a press release and then set your CPC, budget, publishers and timeframes (we recommend 6 weeks for anything that isn't time sensitive.) You can select multiple publishers for the one brief with publishers competing on a 'first-come-first-served' basis to pick up your campaign. Publishers can also choose to decline or not respond to your brief. If a story is not picked up then you can add further publishers to your campaign.

Is there a disclosure that the story is paid for? 

We recommend that publishers use a similar disclosure to what you may have seen on affiliate content. This varies from publisher to publisher but typically takes the form of a small section of italicised text at the bottom of the article that would say something along the lines of: We hope you love the products we recommend - our editors choose them independently, we may receive commission or revenue when you click on the links or purchase a product.

Can I pause or delete the campaign?

You can make changes to your campaign before it's picked up by publishers. Once a publisher has picked up a campaign and created the content then they have to have the chance to generate revenue from the story. So once a story is up-and-running it can't be paused or deleted half way through the content.