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You control the publishers who can write up your content from the likes of Urban List, Broadsheet,, Buzzfeed, Refinery29 & Marie Claire

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Select publishers

You control the publishers who can write up your content from the likes of Mail Online, Refinery29, Marie Claire, BuzzFeed, The Independent & ELLE

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Select publishers

You control the publishers who can write up your content from the likes of Urban List, Broadsheet,, Buzzfeed, Refinery29 & Marie Claire

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953% ROI for the Daily Edited

The Daily Edited used Linkby to secure coverage for their online sale with placements on & Urban List

"Linkby lets us land sales focused stories into trusted publishing sites while driving ROAS in line with our other advertising"
Alyce Tran, Founder & CEO
Urban List Case Study

Monica Vinader's BFCM activity saw customer acquisition rates on par with Google

Monica Vinader use Linkby for all their key retail periods, from BFCM and Valentine's Day to their Winter and Summer sales. They've seen coverage across the likes of InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, Refinery29 and Marie Claire, seeing ROAS of 300%+.

'We've found Linkby to be a valuable source of incremental revenue both during sales and non-sale periods. The tool is really simple to use and allows us to get in front of new audiences with such ease'
Chris Ellsmore, Head of Acquisition

Kindra Increased Session Times by 100%

Kindra secured 10 placements in their first 2 months on Linkby and saw 10% of site traffic converting during their first campaign.

"Our team was blown away to see same-month launches of content with Bustle, PureWow, and Daily Mail, with hundreds of conversions coming through and strong ROAS"
Afshan Dosani, Head of Growth @ Kindra
Modibodi Case Study

12 stories in 2 weeks for Modibodi

We helped Modibodi secure placements with Broadsheet, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed & many more publishers.

"Linkby has quickly become an integral part of our overall Marketing channel mix and allowed us to significantly scale up our brand and news coverage"
Liana Lorenzato, Head of Marketing

PRAI Beauty saw a 396% uplift in web sales when using Linkby

PRAI Beauty, a award-winning vegan skincare brand, used Linkby to secure dedicated editorial coverage across some of the world's biggest publishers, including MailOnline, Hello! and The Sun - driving a 396% uplift in their web sales.

"We are delighted with the performance of our Linkbypromotions on the Mail Online. It has become afundamental part of our campaign planning to supportour bestsellers, brand moments and new productlaunches. On Prai Beauty we saw an uplift in web sales of+396% at launch, driven by the Linkby partnership whichis phenomenal."
Leah Fentiman, Global PR Director

Boosting DIME Beauty’s site traffic by 150%

DIME Beauty was featured in top publishers on an ongoing basis, including Refinery29, InStyle, and Daily Mail, resulting in a 150% boost in site traffic.

"We've reached new publications like InStyle & Refinery29 with increasing placements to help build brand awareness through Linkby."
Mitch Casey, Co-Founder & CMO @ DIME Beauty

Key pillar in customer acquisition strategy

Our Linkby placement has unlocked huge reach across the Australian Publishing landscape and facilitated the acquisition of cost effective customers.

"Linkby campaigns have been a pillar in our customer acquisition strategy.  With capped lead CPC pricing, plus receiving a piece of content to help encourage customers to convert, Linkby was a key piece. During the softer retail period, this has helped to keep us at the forefront of our customers' minds. Linkby has been in our top 3 traffic referral sources and growing each month! We are seeing better results than our Facebook prospecting ads and are about half the cost!"
Kaitlin Bakalar, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

Helping OWow rebrand as ANSWR

After working with OWow consistently for 18 months +, we helped them rebrand to ANSWR in Spring 2022, facilitating coverage across Mail Online, Buzzfeed and The Independent.

"We have always aimed to get our brand message in front of our target audience and Linkby has enabled this through targeted story-focused press coverages. On top of the brand awareness raised it has also driven great ROAS"
Georgiana Grudinschi, CEO & Founder

Delivering more than awareness for Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant, the top DTC oral care brand in the US, used Linkby to run campaigns during sale and non-sale periods, driving an average of 135% ROAS.

"Our goal is to be featured in large media publications and with Linkby that makes those brand awareness wins even bigger with most turning a profit"
Mike Bluestone, Co-Founder @ Smile Brilliant
"The CPC model means we are well rewarded for the traffic, awareness and sales we drive for partner brands"
Susannah George, Founder Urban List
"Linkby is a great addition to our international commerce program. It creates an option for retailers and brands looking for qualified awareness to access BuzzFeed's scale and editorial influence."
Becca Maier, BuzzFeed - VP, Commerce Operations & Growth
"We have seen a 310% ROAS through listicles and dedicated articles, helping our domain authority to boost our rankings on key search terms tremendously and driving sales."
Mike Shewmake,  Founder - Atlas Coffee Club